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As golf has become a global game with the popularity of the Ryder Cup, the President’s Cup, the World Cup and the recent inclusion of golf into the Olympics; African-American player representation on the main professional golf tours (PGA, LPGA, and European Tours) haven’t kept pace with the rest of the world.

The core reason for this lack of participation at the highest level of professional golf is the lack of world-class training and substantial financial support. To ultimately “Change the Complexion of the Game” we must identify a “Cohort of Ready Golfers” that are currently on the cusp of playing World Class Golf and support them – NOW! We must also identify the next Class of Tour Ready Golfers and work our way backwards to continue to increase the number of interested golfers at all levels and ages. We must also continue to support their desires to compete locally, regionally, and nationally along with financially supporting those families and individuals who have other challenges.

UGA has been resurrected after being dormant for almost 45 years to reestablish and finally take what the world thought the Tiger-effect would have on the African-American golf community regarding the sport and bring it to fruition. There are dozens of black professional golfers that are close to breaking through and the UGA Academy will provide the elite training and support to finally get these players over the hump and allow them to take full advantage of their talents and play on golfs grandest stage. The history of black golf has been to do the best with what we have, now we have access to the best instruction, training, facilities, equipment, tournament schedule, mentoring, financial support, and total professional developmental instruments anywhere in the world.




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